We are a crack squad of… musicians, fashionistas, artists, hikers, gamers, festival junkies, debate geeks, and sports fanatics working together to create pro-social, WTF-inducing, LOL-generating pop culture programming at the intersection of linear and digital entertainment.

We are:

Former MTV & VH1 president Brian Graden by all accounts, one of the original media disruptors, responsible for the world’s first viral video (which later became South Park), the visionary behind entire new TV genres (like celebreality and the Emmy-winning Hit Record on TV), and a champion of diversity and social justice within the industry long before it was a mandate (starting Logo TV).

A development team hand-picked from wildly different backgrounds <playwright, attorney, film director, standup comedian, songwriter and club deejay> all given the space to create without fear.

A full-service production team who, in a short time, have already delivered an incredible range of formats – scripted, on-location sketch, reality doc, hidden camera, dating elimination, shiny floor, and even utterly new formats – like hybrid-period fantasy – a format they invented as they went along.